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Disabling Correctly

To disable correctly, all abrt services should be disabled via chkconfig (or systemctl) and the services stopped (Note: ccpp is a kernel loadable module, the stop command should rmmod it, and status should show that it is unloaded):

ENT 6 or earlier:
# chkconfig abrtd off
# chkconfig abrt-ccpp off
# chkconfig abrt-oops off
# service abrt-ccpp stop
# service abrt-oops stop
# service abrtd stop
OR, more correctly (some systems have more abrt modules installed)
# for FILE in /etc/init.d/abrt-* ; do SERVICE=$(basename $FILE) ; chkconfig $SERVICE off ; service $SERVICE stop ; done ; chkconfig abrtd off ; service abrtd stop
# for SERVICE in $(systemctl list-unit-files | grep 'abrt-' | awk '{print $1}') ; do systemctl disable $SERVICE ; systemctl stop $SERVICE ; done ; systemctl disable abrtd ; systemctl stop abrtd

Running/Fixing Email

If enabled, it needs to be setup to have a valid From: (EmailFrom=) address (defaults to user@localhost, which causes it to bounce/not be accepted by our mail servers)

# cat /etc/libreport/plugins/mailx.conf

# Uncomment and specify these parameters if you want to use
# reporter-mailx tool outside of libreport's GUI
# (i.e. from command line or in custom scripts)
# and you don't want to specify parameters in every tool invocation.
# String parameters:
# Subject=
# EmailFrom=
# EmailTo=
# Boolean parameter:
# SendBinaryData=yes/no

SET THESE (minimal settings needed to fix email routing):