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search and replace



global, multiple occurrences on each line


remove end of line spaces

:%s/ +$//

global commands

global delete

:g/some text in lines to delete/d

automatic formatting

check autoformat options

:set formatoptions

set autoformat options

:set formatoptions=croql

format options

1 - single letter words on next line
2 - keep 2nd line indent
c - comments (plus leader)
n - numbered lists
q - allow 'gq' to work
r - (in mail) comment leader after
t - textwidth

other format options

:set autoindent
:set noautoindent
:set expandtab
:set noexpandtab
:set shiftwidth=3
:set smartindent
:set nosmartindent
:set tabstop=3
:set textwidth
:set wrapmargin
:set nowrapmargin